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            Council Certified Microbial Remediator "CMR"



FL State Certified Mold Remediator #MRSR1

Mold Remediation Services For Residential And Commercial Buildings Using Only The Highest Quality Equipment And Products. We do NOT use Harsh Chemicals And Sprays. Mold Contaminated Materials Must Be Removed And The Area Thoroughly Cleaned And Disinfected. We Use All Natural Products That Are EPA Registered. Complete Restoration And Build Back Services.

THE FIRST STEP: The Assessment - If you have or suspect you have a mold problem avoid the "FREE" mold inspection scam. Is anything really FREE? Hire a State Certified Mold Assessor who is not in the remediation business to conduct your mold assessment and write a specific Mold Remediation Protocol for Your home or building. That's the only way to ensure an unbiased mold Inspection. Just having an air sample performed is not good enough. A visual inspection should always be part of a mold inspection. If a problem or even a suspected mold problem is detected a more intrusive inspection should be performed to determine the source of the mold, the source of the moisture or water intrusion, what containment and cleaning are needed, what building repairs are needed to prevent future problems. An experienced mold assessor should have the ability to do more than hand the client a lab report. Many mold assessors claim to be mold experts but very few have the academic and construction experience required to provide you all of the above as part of a mold inspection. A proper mold inspection or assessment is not cheap and can cost $500.00 - $1,500.00 for a single home. If you are buying a home a proper mold inspection is one of the most important inspections you can have performed.

RMS does not provide "FREE" mold inspections. We do however offer free estimates based on your mold inspection report.


RESIDENTIAL REMEDIATION: When you have mold in your home and your belongings and property are infested with mold it becomes a very personal situation. If the problem is severe enough it is often required that many of your items be discarded. We offer very personal service to assist in making the decisions required to properly remediate the home. When choosing a mold remediation company price should not always be the first consideration. We offer a specialized personal service including phone and email correspondence available 24/7. Detailed updates including photographs and progress reports. Female staff member to consult with our clients regarding clothing and delicate items. Our goal is to remove any mold contaminated building materials, discard and non restorable mold contaminated items, clean and disinfect all affected areas, clean and disinfect all restorable personal items and restore the home to it's original condition.

Questions to ask:

1. Are You State Licensed And Insured For Mold Remediation?

2. Do You Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

3. Who Will Be Working In My Home?

3. How Will My Contents Be Handled?

4. Will You Be Removing Mold Contaminated Building Materials?

4. What Products Are Used In My Home And Are They Safe?

5. Are All Procedures Performed In Accordance With The IICRC S520?


COMMERCIAL REMEDIATION: When your business or investment property is affected by mold you need a company that can protect your occupants from mold exposure, minimize the property damage, minimize any financial loss, develop a mold remediation schedule that will properly remediate the mold and restore the building as quickly as possible.

Questions to ask:

1. Are You State Licensed And Insured For Mold Remediation?

2. Do You Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

3. What Products Are Used And Are They Safe?

4. Can You Provide A Complete Turn Key Service?

5. Are All Procedures Performed In Accordance With The IICRC S520?


If Your Mold Company Is NOT Locating And Removing Mold Contaminated Materials And They Are Using Chemicals, Sprays Scrubbers and Ozone Machines To Correct Mold Problems, The Remediation Is Not In Accordance With US EPA and the IICRC S520 Standard Recommended Procedures.

Does You Mold Remediation Company Have At Least $1,000,000 Of General Liability, Professional Liability &Pollution Liability Insurance With Specific Coverage For Mold Remediation Activities? If The Answer Is No They Are Not In Compliance With The New Florida Mold Law. Is The Mold Contractor You Are Hiring State Certified By the State Of Florida DBPR? Starting July 1st, 2010 This License Is Required By Law To Perform Mold Remediation Work In The State Of Florida.

Other Services: Air Conditioning And Dehumidification Systems ,Complete Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation & Replacement For Multi-Family Buildings. Dryer Vent Cleaning For Multi-Family Buildings, Water Damage And Restoration Services and Specialized Indoor Air Quality Systems. Over 17 Years Experience Improving Indoor Air Quality.


These Are Just A Few Types Of Equipment Used In Mold Remediation Work







Kett Saw With HEPA Vac Attachment










Mold Remediation Project - Milti-Family Apartment Building

Step #1 - Removal And Cleaning


Step #2 - Build Back


Step #3 - Complete Build Back



Mold Contaminated Drywall Ceiling Removed And Cleaned


Dirty Duct







Mold Contaminated Drywall - Back Side Of Drywall Ceiling


Visible Mold Growth


Mold Contaminated Drywall Behind Walls.


Mold Contaminated Drywall


ASD Interior / ASD Exterior / Crawl Space / Commercial Mitigation Applications
Mechanical Ventilation / High Rise And Large Condominiums
Pre Construction / Home

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